Top 10 FAQ’s about Website Upgrades in 2022

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We all look ahead with ambition and passion about our business and what we can do to stoke or prolong our success. In today’s world, technology is king, and love it or hate it; we must bow down and follow its rule.

Websites are a business norm, so rarely do I hear a question about whether or not a business needs a website. Instead, I encounter friends, family, potential clients, and clients under contract who always ask me questions concerning their website, like a possible upgrade or new development project.

It’s annoying and flattering at the same time. I m grateful to be able to help and provide my family and friends with web-dev solutions, and I will freely share my truth about our website development company in Tampa, FL. If I am unsure how to respond, I have a team of professionals, each of whom I trust to have the solution.

After more than 15 years and hundreds of clients, I hear many of the same questions repeatedly. Considering the majority of our clients pose these questions, it seemed appropriate to publish the top 10 FAQ’s concerning website upgrades for our future clients and inquiring minds who may be considering a website update to usher in new business and a New Year 2022!

How do I know if it’s time to upgrade my website?

The cost of professionally designing and building a website depends upon the client’s budget, the functional requirements desired, and what the client envisions for their new website. Will a content writer be necessary, or will the client provide the website text? Will the client share high-quality images our dev team can use on the website, or will we need to purchase stock photos? These are just a few questions I must ask clients before developing a cost estimate for any project. At KallistoArt, I always offer financing options and payment plans that accommodate practically any budget.

Is a website development project as expensive as I’ve heard it is?

A lot of time is required when our team builds your website from scratch. We do not use templates of any kind. Each website is designed and built from the ground up. Speak, research, planning, design, and development processes take time, and the KallistoArt expert web development team goes above and beyond to use best practices in website development. Hence, you get the dynamic website your business needs to succeed.

How long will it take to build my website?

Our KallistoArt web developers are masters at their trade. It takes them approximately 6-8 weeks to build a website from start to finish, providing they receive all the information they need from the client in a timely fashion. Production delays rarely occur, but when they do, it is usually because we are waiting for something from the client.

What kinds of things will you need from me to build my website?

There’s quite a bit we need from the client to design and build a business website. Here is a short list of the basics:

  • A clear view of the client’s vision for the website.
  • High-resolution business logo.
  • High-resolution images of the client and their team/staff/administrators.
  • “About Us” information like staff bios, etc.
  • Professional images of the business, itself.
  • Content for specific pages which includes text, pdfs, videos, etc.
  • Login credentials to the client’s current business website.
  • Regular communication with the project manager to keep the schedule on track.

Can my existing website be transformed without downtime?

Yes, your existing website can remain live while we redesign your new one. We will only take your new website live when any changes are made and we have your final approval. Depending upon the web host, this can take a few minutes or hours, but your current site transition to the new website should result in little or no downtime that could impact your traffic data.

Will my new website be visible on mobile devices?

Yes. We will optimize your website for mobile devices once the new website is live. However, you will need to view the process on a desktop computer during the web-dev process as mobile optimization does not occur until the new website is live.

Will I be able to update the new website myself as needed?

Yes. Once we have completed the website project, the client receives basic instructions on managing and editing the website through WordPress. If another hosting platform is used, the client will have access the same way. The KallistoArt team is always available to assist with website management when needed.

Do you build ecommerce websites so I can sell products like my competitors?

Yes. The KallistoArt team has had the pleasure of working with many clients whose businesses offered online products through the developed dynamic, highly-functional e-commerce sites. A certain level of expertise and more detailed product information is necessary to design and build an e-commerce website, and we are poised for the project!

What if I don’t like the website when it’s finished?

That scenario is improbable, as we have had few complaints about our finished website development projects. This is primarily due to our communication efforts with the client to ensure we are on the right track and moving forward in the proper direction. If a client is unhappy with any aspect of the website, from a photo selection to a font style, our web-dev team can make the necessary changes for the client’s satisfaction!

KallistoArt takes great pride in providing all of our clients with best practices in website development projects. Our experienced team has updated hundreds of tired, stagnant websites, and they’ve creatively designed and built brand new ones using consistent, affordable web-dev processes.

Contact KallistoArt today to get your new or updated website project started! It is possible to improve its aesthetics, content, and functionality to increase your website traffic and your business’ Google search rankings for a bigger, better bottom line.  813.563.5321