7 Common Myths about Website Development Debunked

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We have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of business clients across America and around the world to build beautiful websites that accurately depict each client’s niche, with information and functionality that their customers and potential customers can use efficiently and effectively.

After more than a decade in the business and eighteen months in a pandemic, there is one thing we’ve learned: there are several misconceptions about web development that require clarification.

Here, the 7 most common myths about website development are debunked and the truth is revealed.

  1. Why should I pay for website development when there are free website building services? You get what you pay for. There are a lot of free website builder services out there, but you might quickly find that they have limitations and costs after signing up. You’ll also find out these aren’t entirely free, as it becomes difficult for users to move their data over if they are planning to transfer from one service provider’s platform (i.e., Free Website Builder), onto another paid service like WordPress. This could end up costing more than what you expected to save in the first place.
  2. Once your website is built, it is finished. Not true. The goal of any website should be to provide information, entertain visitors and make them feel welcome. However, this can’t happen without constant care from you or your web dev team. Your web hosting account is as essential as your site’s content, so it’s up-to-date with current information, security extensions, plug-ins, and emergency fixes when problems arise. This ensures users have a flawless experience every time they visit your site.
  3. Professional website development is expensive. Not necessarily. Development costs are dependent on the complexity of your website. The price may reflect if more work is required for added functionality or special features. KallistoArt provides a free quote, and we are happy to help! We can always craft a solution without hidden costs to satisfy practically any budget.
  4. Content is king on a website. That depends. People are overwhelmed with the amount of content they get every day, and it’s no wonder they can quickly lose patience or interest when browsing a website packed with content. Without providing them any help or structure in their search for relevant information, you could risk a negative user experience resulting in decreased client conversions. Maintaining a quality site in structure and navigation can make all the difference in your success online and offline.
  5. Conversely, a website design is more important than the content. Yes and no. The content in your website design is important. Although, using dummy content or fake information within a web design process is commonly done. Most people believe that once their website is complete, they can implement whatever placeholder text that happens to be on hand, and it will work just fine. This could lead one down a dangerous track if copy-written data isn’t used instead. Building websites around appropriate proprietary material ensures better quality output as a whole. It’s possible to have too many decorative elements that limit an efficient use of space, which might make everything look more beautiful from afar, but it leaves something less satisfying up close where people want answers fast to satisfy their need for instant gratification. Content, design and functionality are three elements that should work collaboratively.
  6. The need for a responsive website is discretionary. Not. The days of having a website are over unless it scales to fit all device sizes. Modern websites must be responsive to rank well with Google and be viewable on multiple platforms like smartphones and tablets that account for half our internet usage. Maintaining your site’s SEO is essential, too, because search engines love fresh content, which will keep them coming back again and again, even on multiple screen sizes.
  7. It is advantageous to hire a local website development company. Possibly. One of the main obstacles for customers who are not used to modern technologies and want to purchase online is feeling uncomfortable in new realities. Your local web developer may have an office on the other side of town, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth when working with them if their expertise isn’t up to par. Distance has no bearing on website development, significantly if your local developers don’t demonstrate superior knowledge about the website development process or how things should work.

Regardless of the website development project, it is vital that careful thought and planning go into what you want to accomplish with your business’ website. A talented team of website production professionals creates websites with visually-appealing aesthetics, smooth usability, informative, creative content, and enhanced user engagement through functional components, all of which work together to boost a business’ success!

KallistoArt takes pride in providing best practices in all website development projects. Our experienced team has helped hundreds of clients update tired websites or build brand new ones using a consistent, affordable web-dev process.

Contact KallistoArt today to get your new or updated website project started! It is possible to improve its aesthetics, content, and functionality to increase your website traffic and your business’ Google search rankings for a bigger bottom line.  813.563.5321