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The KallistoArt team is honored to have been named the Upper Tampa Bay Small Business of the Year 2020, and that pride extends further to our very own Co-Owner and CEO, AJ Aluthwala, for his prestigious, new membership on the University of South Florida Digital Marketing Advisory Board.AJ Aluthwala - USF Digital Marketing Program Advisor

The USF Digital Marketing Advisory Board Membership is by invitation only for leaders in digital marketing, based on personal and professional accomplishments. The board is “comprised of a diverse, innovative, and extremely well-connected network of top-flight executives,” the invitation states.

AJ’s expertise in digital marketing strategy, innovation in digital marketing, digital analytics and measurements, and his acute understanding of the customer experience have escalated his success and that of KallistoArt. AJ is passionate about discovering, planning, and executing customized online marketing strategies for businesses to attract massive amounts of online traffic, which is necessary for all companies today.

As an advisory board member, AJ will assist the USF MUMA College of Business in several significant ways. Board members are responsible for preserving and enhancing the quality of credit and non-credit course offerings to the community and building the value of these programs to the business community.

Additionally, AJ will be in his element as he shares his vast knowledge and experience with faculty and students via in-classroom visits and online meetings; forums and conferences, both virtual and in-person; and participating as a speaker, mentor and panelist.

His valuable input regarding digital marketing programs and his connection to businesses today will help meet the school’s goal of “linking industry with academia to help ensure that our work is relevant and benefits the business community.”

If you strive to drive best practices in digital marketing, like AJ, the Digital Marketing Certificate Program is like none other. It introduces participants to real-life challenges, and through guidance by expert leadership, strategy sessions are developed, innovation frameworks are created, and experiences are cultivated.

“The Digital Marketing Certificate Program at USF MUMA College of Business empowers you with the latest integrated marketing strategies and tactics to win in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. Combining industry thought leaders and top academic faculty, the Digital Marketing Certificate Program at USF MUMA College of Business is the best way to gain the skills and knowledge to stay ahead of the competition,´ The USF website explains.

The Digital Marketing Certificate is earned after the successful completion of an eight-module online program for marketing professionals to “solve real-world challenges and use best practices developed by top companies.”  Digital Marketing experts guide participants through every step of the journey to help build toolsets and develop unique, personalized digital marketing portfolios.

The eight modules cover crucial factors to successful digital marketing:

  • Strategic Digital Marketing – Learn why marketing leaders are more protable and longer lasting in the digital age.
  • Understanding the Customer Experience – Learn to measure customer satisfaction and integrate innovative methodology.
  • Design Thinking – Apply empathy journeys to connect with customers.
  • Digital Ecommerce – Gain the skills to drive on-line transactions for a brand or product using the CARS model.
  • Marketing Automation – Drive business growth, increasing ROI, by providing powerful insights to the customer journey.
  • Content Marketing – Marketers who integrate content marketing, develop more loyal customer relationships.
  • Data Analytics and Measurements – Integrating data into decision making enables your company to beat out competitors.
  • Digital Transformation – Organizations must quickly evolve or be left behind.

AJ’s excellence in his professional career and his reach within the Tampa Bay business community warranted an invitation for him to become the newest member of the Digital Marketing Advisory Board.

AJ, a native of Sri Lanka, and Tampa resident since 2014, has immersed himself into the uber-competitive digital marketing world and taken it by storm. AJ loves calling Tampa Bay home, and his deep reach within the local business community, as well as his philanthropic contributions to non-profit organizations such as Project Pop Drop, Upper Tampa Bay Education Foundation and Oldsmar Cares, has escalated his personal and professional success.

The KallistoArt team is immensely proud to work with and learn from AJ’s knowledge and experience. We are not surprised USF MUMA College of Business has welcomed him to the USF Digital Marketing Advisory Board. Congratulations, AJ!!

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