KallistoTech’s AJ Aluthwala Shares Secrets to Building Mobile Apps Without Coding

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We are proud to share the success of our founder, AJ Aluthwala’s recent talk at the Board of Advisors entrepreneur group at Westin Sarasota, Florida. The talk, entitled “Building Your First Mobile App With No Code Tools”, was a hit among attendees who were eager to learn about the mobile application development lifecycle and how they could turn their ideas into reality without any coding needed.

During the presentation, AJ walked attendees through the different stages of mobile app development, from documentation to release, as he guided them through each step toward launching a successful app. He also introduced them to several no-code tools that can help entrepreneurs and business owners bring their vision to life without having to write a single line of code, many of that included AI to help streamline the creation process.

The event was well-received by attendees, who found AJ’s presentation both informative and insightful. Many stayed after the talk to speak with AJ and share their own ideas for mobile apps they would like to create. 

At KallistoTech, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to bring their app ideas to life, regardless of their technical background. We’re proud to have AJ share his knowledge with the community and unlock new avenues for entrepreneurs to pursue their app ambitions without being constrained by a lack of coding experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about mobile app development, web design, SEO, and digital marketing, subscribe to AJ on social media, where he shares informative, practical advice gleaned from decades of building businesses as a serial entrepreneur. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to level up your business or career.


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