Small Business Marketing: PRK Method Sustains Life of Small Businesses

Small businesses are the heartbeat of America, but in a nation of big box stores, small business owners must remain visible and vigilant in order to survive. If small business owners maintain a “small business mentality” chances are they will not grow to multi-million dollar enterprises, but will stagnate and ultimately cease to exist. That is, unless there is an endless supply of cash to keep them afloat.

We at KallistoArt know this to be a reality because our marketing professionals have consulted with numerous small business owners and witnessed first-hand the success of a few and the demise of many. Because our goal is to help business owners succeed, we have developed a proven small business marketing strategy known as the “PRK Method” to help small business owners sustain their vision and achieve their dreams!

The PRK method is really quite simple for anyone to follow:

P = Professional Image

R = not Reinventing the Wheel

K = not a Know it All

Your Professional image is crucial to lend credibility to you and your brand. A t-shirt and jeans may be fine for a comic book store, but you should step up your game and dress for success to show others you are serious and committed to your investment. When you attend networking events, always wear professional attire. Additionally, your sales force must dress the part as a representative of you and your business, precisely the way you intend.

Furthermore, you should ensure your business cards, brochures, website, email communication, and social media platforms are well-crafted and current to attract customers, not deter them. When someone is paying money for a product or service, they expect everything about that transaction to be professional, including the marketing materials.

You don’t have to Reinvent the Wheel to achieve marketing success. A quick online search will render a variety of marketing packages, accounting packages, hiring packages, and practically anything a small business owner could use to help them along. When they already exist, there is no need to waste your time conceptualizing a new way of doing these things. Pay a nominal monthly charge, and get in the habit of utilizing these resources and tools. The time you save reinventing existing tools can be better spent focusing on your business, customers, and potential customers and fine-tuning your marketing efforts.

Small business owners often appear to Know it all. They have their hand in every aspect of their business, whether they have a team in place or not. They wear multiple hats in an attempt to be masters of various domains and in control of their destiny. This behavior is not conducive to success. In fact, it can damage your efforts. When small business owners narrow their vision, using what little they actually know about small business marketing, for example, the other areas of the business will suffer. If you think you know it all and don’t, you are cutting off your nose to spite your face, as the cliché goes.

Instead, surround yourself with expert help to maintain your focus, vision, and passion for your business, and build sound business practices that will escalate your efforts and your enterprise to the next level.

If you practice this small business marketing PRK Method, we guarantee your sales will increase and your bottom line will be affected in a most positive way!  The PRK method is outlined in the first installment of our KallistoArticles video series. Take five minutes to review this information, and contact KallistoArt to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss how our team can help you, your team, and your small business today! 813.563.5321