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Google has made it easy for us to find exactly what we’re looking for while putting forth minimal effort. In fact, I have successfully performed six Google searches since arriving at the office this morning, and it is only 10:00! I have gone ISO websites, products, services, directions, menus, and most importantly, Google business reviews.

Why would I look at Google Reviews for a business? The answer is simple. I want to find what I need from a reputable business, and if I don’t know anything about the businesses in my area, I will accept the testimonials of people who do!

Personal referrals, or “word-of-mouth marketing”, will always be the most powerful way to generate business leads, because you listen to people you trust. However, in this digital age, online customer feedback via a Google Review is just as effective as a personal reference from a trusted friend or family member.

Since 2010, consumer confidence has demonstrated a steady increase when it comes to the believability of online customer reviews. This has a direct impact on generating new business.

According to a recent report on CBS’s 60 Minutes, 90% of all online searches begin with Google, and these search results carry the most clout with the mass majority of internet users attempting to find products and services they need. Obviously, because Google holds the greatest market share, but also due to the specific algorithms they use to manipulate search results.

Google Reviews are a crucial component to those algorithms, because they are used to rank your business, and they can actually determine how much exposure you get in their search streams. The more reviews your business has, the more legitimate your business becomes in the eyes of the Google gods, resulting in higher rankings and placement among leading search results.

A Local Consumer Review Survey conducted by Bright Local found 91% of consumers read reviews before making a purchasing decision, and 84% trusted these reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Positive reviews serve as the perfect reputation marketing tool to boost the level of trust between your potential customers and your business. Of course, you always want to see positive reviews and five-star ratings, and you will if your business provides excellent services and products.

However, you shouldn’t be dismayed if you receive an occasional three- or four-star review, because 87% think ratings of 3-5 stars often means a business is worth exploring; and Google will more likely recognize your business as legitimate, rather than having the perception that lots of positive reviews could be fake or purchased.

Reviews of any kind – be they positive or negative – give business owners three opportunities:

  1. To connect with their customers and learn something first-hand about their experience
  2. To take the feedback provided by the customer to maintain and/or improve the overall customer experience
  3. To engage with the customer and let them know their feedback matters

Moreover, the stats from the survey showed positive reviews led 54% of respondents to visit a business’ website, while 19% admitted they would visit the business. Another 17% said they would continue researching a business, including reading more reviews.

Regardless if they walk in your door or choose to learn more, thanks to Google Reviews, the potential for lead generation and new business is infinite!

Source: Yeah!Local

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