We specialize in web design, SEO, mobile apps and branding.


Why Our Clients have Trusted in Our Services

In this ever-changing digital age, clients seek practical experience to effectuate their goals for a successful future. We escalate branding and web development to maximize your online impact. Merging our passion with your vision, we strategically improve your brand’s online and offline presence; website aesthetics; and content SEO; to propel your rankings above that of your competitors in the most prevalent search engines.


Let’s Work Together on Your Next Project

At KallistoArt our web design model is iterative and collaborative. Our goal is to working together to create work or art that delivers results. We focus on long-term opportunities while helping you and your business solve the immediate needs of today.

Featured Success Story

BluePendulum Jewelry
A provocative ecommerce website was created to display and sell one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry and watches. Gorgeous imagery of individual pieces allows shoppers to peruse inventory and place orders quickly and easily. high-quality unique design and competitive design approach are the primary reasons Bluependulum has reached such high levels of success. Doing this increased organic search by 89% and increase in sales 103%




Website Design & Development

Website development is not a cookie-cutter process. It requires a meeting of the minds between our team and yours to create a dynamic online presence that is the envy of your competitors. Bold graphics; engaging natural content with keywords; and functional components that interact with your audience; are the main elements essential to capturing attention and converting leads.



SEO Services

Attract clients to your online business with a trusted SEO company. With vass area of Search Engine Optimization resources, it tends to be difficult to remain on target and keep up a crusade without getting hindered and forgetting about the big picture. KallistoArt SEO service is a respectable search engine opimization company that always understands high level SEO marketing for your business and monitor your advancement through deliverable tasks.


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Mobile App Development

Smartphones and digital devices are mainstays of the masses, making mobile apps a critical feature for a thriving online strategy and brand. Your mobile presence keeps you at the fingertips of your audience and on track with the technology of today. Have an idea? Let’s build an app for it!




Branding Strategy and Identity

Your brand is a direct reflection of your business. In order to position your business to compete, your brand strategy is key to customers understanding the nature and mission of your business. Our team understands the appropriate elements necessary to express your unique voice and vision via snazzy logos and appropriate color palates, just to name a few. A provocative logo should be designed as an extension of you and your business, whether online or on t-shirts!