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A businessman recently asked, “What’s SEO?” He was totally serious. He had no idea what the acronym meant. He is an established businessman with a newly-updated website and a social media presence via a Facebook page. However, he has no clue about SEO, or how it could boost his business and internet visibility.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and when done correctly, it is a crucial element in organically boosting your business’ position and rank in Google and other search engines. Basic online inquiries conducted by curious minds in search of information always start with a search engine.

People type in what they’re looking for using keywords and specific locations, and voila, a list appears with a host of highly-ranked options from which to choose!

Google Reigns

Google is the primary search engine used worldwide, so much so that it has been recognized as its coin word by Merriam-Webster experts. When someone wants to go to the internet to find something, they’ll “Google it,” even if they’re using Bing, Yahoo, MSN, or a lesser-known search engine.

Google is essentially the master controller for who finds your business. SEO drives how Google algorithms find and rank you in searches based on links, locations, keywords and keyword phrases, aka SEO. “Crawlers” within the Google network always search for links and websites.

“For Google to know of the existence of your site, there first must be a link from another site – one that is already in the index – to your site. If crawlers follow that link, it will lead to the first crawler session, and the first time your site is saved in the index. From then on, your website could appear in Google’s search results, Google’s secret algorithm,” according to the SEO experts at Yoast.

Appeasing the Google gods and their algorithms can be tricky because they constantly change. It is essential to apply best practices in SEO effectively and utilize the appropriate tools they provide and support.

For example, Google My Business™ is a free internet service provided by Google. They tout, “With a Google My Business account, you get more than a business listing. Your free business profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.”

More people will find your products and services by establishing and managing your own Google My Business™ profile and listing. Google will know more about you and find links to your website, primarily thanks to specially-tailored SEO that gets your website noticed.

SEO Strategies

Since SEO drives Google algorithms, it’s important to accentuate your website with search words and phrases that fit your business and meet searchers’ expectations. That may seem like a form of manipulation, but it is essential to have an SEO strategy that works and attracts your target audience.

 “Your SEO strategy should never feel like a trick. Google wants to show the user the best result that fits their search query. If you want to appear high in the results for that specific search term, make sure your website fits that search term.”

No two websites will have the same SEO strategy. Your business is unique to you and your customers, so it is wise to stay current with updated content focused on increasing traffic and engagement with them.

Content Marketing 

In as much as no two SEO strategies are the same, one thing that should always be consistent among businesses and service providers is content marketing, which consists of well-written, compelling content that is clear to understand.

Whether you are posting an entertaining blog or informing website visitors about your products and services, the well-written text has more excellent readability than content that is grammatically incorrect or loaded with typos.

The best content keeps visitors on your site longer because they read your blog or learn more about your business! When visitors stay on your website for a while, there are lower “bounce rates,” which improves your rankings in online searches.

Mobile SEO

Practically everyone uses mobile devices these days, except for the very young or the very old! Business owners should have their websites optimized for mobile devices of all screen sizes, including SEO.

When your website is optimized for mobile devices, it is essential to send a signal to Google. “This helps (us) accurately serve mobile searchers your content in search results,” their website explains.

By keeping your mobile version “crawlable,” Google will see your mobile-friendly website page, which will keep your business “searchable” on mobile devices.

KallistoArt provides expert SEO services for our clients to achieve ultimate success with improved Google search rankings. Our expertise in SEO strategies involves thorough competitor analysis, in-depth keyword research, fine-tuned technical SEO, creative content optimizations, specific mobile SEO strategies and monthly SEO reporting analysis.

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