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What Is KallistoArt

KallistoArt LLC. is a Tampa Bay, Florida-based software development company specializing in custom web development, mobile apps and online marketing services.

  1. Our team is comprised of seasoned web developers, graphics designers, web copy creators, product managers, photo and videographers, social media marketers and SEO experts.

  2.  KallistoArt provides high quality custom software products built with proprietary and open source platforms.

  3. We have clients in North America, Asia and Australia covering brick and mortar retail, e-commerce, healthcare, sports, educational, accounting, automotive, religious, community development, personal growth, fitness and legal industries.

  4. We take pride in delivering on time solutions.

  5. KallistoArt is never beaten on price for the production quality we bring to the table.

Our Story

KallistoArt started in 2006 as the brain child of two college buddies. Each founder brought a different set of skills to the table, which helped KallistoArt to grow to be an international brand. We are proud to have helped clients, not just in Tampa Bay, but in different parts of USA, Canada, Asia and Australia, for more than a decade. Our experience working with clients in multiple industries makes us a content- and industry-agnostic outfit. KallisotoArt is comprised of bright individuals and cross-functional teams to meet every client’s needs, in a variety of forms.

We offer the close, vendor-client relationship experience. We are your out-sourced marketing department! We begin each day by thinking of ways we can help our clients succeed at a higher level than the day before!

Our Approach

We love coffee shops, and meeting clients at coffee shops is pure bliss! This practice helps clients to spend quality time with us , while providing a neutral, non-treatening environment where candid ideas freely flourish.

When we start working with you, we first learn about the core of your business. We determine the best, most profitable position, and we begin a process of reverse-engineering a branding solution, which goes above and beyond previously set parameters. If during our keen investigative process we find ways of making business processes better, we will gladly offer beneficial suggestions and solutions. We ensure our client’s marketing needs completely satisfied, while maximizing the intended results.